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ISO 17024 Summary

Written by Angelo Kehayas

ISO 17024 is a complicated standard. This document is aimed at simplifying the concepts for the reader.

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Background and Introduction

A professional certification, to certify that he is qualified to perform a job.

Certification indicates that the individual has a specific set of knowledge, skills, or abilities in the view of the certifying body. Professional certifications are awarded by professional bodies and corporations.

People become certified through training and/or passing an exam. In the case of the IMCSA, there is a defined process which starts with a membership application, followed by the production of a portfolio of evidence and an assignment study.

About the author

Angelo Kehayas

Angelo is a Public and Key Note Speaker, a Business, Executive and Leadership Coach. He has served at senior level in blue chip companies and has established and run successful ventures in multiple industries. He has designed and delivered corporate development programmes, focused speaking events, and has coached executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. He specialises in challenging assignments, solving systems problems and facilitating group and team planning sessions. He is certified as a Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner.