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Wherefore the consultant

Wherefore the consultant
Written by Angelo Kehayas

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Nobody knows everything. All too often our own interests, our limited skills and the immediacy of our problems cloud our ability to make sound judgements, or even to see a solution. That’s where a consultant can step in and provide an answer. Independent and objective consultants offer expert knowledge, experience and raw talent, at a price. In this emerging era of partnerships and competition, it’s likely you’re going to need a consultant sooner or later. Massive macro forces of change are sweeping through every market and every industry. New social pressures, new economic dependencies, a new political landscape and the powerful effects of a rapidly globalising and technology driven world economy are forcing every business to rethink its roots.

About the author

Angelo Kehayas

Angelo is a Public and Key Note Speaker, a Business, Executive and Leadership Coach. He has served at senior level in blue chip companies and has established and run successful ventures in multiple industries. He has designed and delivered corporate development programmes, focused speaking events, and has coached executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. He specialises in challenging assignments, solving systems problems and facilitating group and team planning sessions. He is certified as a Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner.