Profile of the Consultant Entrepreneur

Starting a new business is an extraordinary act, carried out despite claims of high failure rates for startups, discouragement by friends and family, and high uncertainty. The conventional wisdom concerning failures of business startups commonly quotes failure rates ranging from 65% by the third year to 90% in the first year.1 How then does anyone dare to start a new business?

The Independent Consultant as Equilateralist (Part 1)

Long term, most independent con­sultants and heads of smaller firms will subsist at best and starve at worst. The tragedy lies in the relative ease with which both these sorry states can be replaced by success. It’s a matter of orientation, and many independent con­sultants have the wrong one. They do not see themselves as businesspeople. They see themselves as management…...

The Independent Consultant as Equilateralist (Part 3)

This is the last of a three-part series proposing the need for independent consultants to be as well grounded in business management as they are in their technical specialities and consulting skills. Part 1 set forth the notion of a successful independent consultant as an “equilateralist” —blending and balancing technical, consulting, and business skills. Part 2 introduced the first four…...

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